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Collagen Vita

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[Biopolytech Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Collagen Vita

Product features and effects

  1. Collagen Vita contains fish collagen, xylitol, dietary fiber, and vitamin C as a main ingredient.
  2. Fish collagen is made of 100% fish scales. Minimized molecular weight of Collagen strengthens digestion and absorption in body and therefore effective in preventing skin damage and aging.
  3. Dietary fiber and xylitol in Collagen Vita help prevent skin aging, decrease cholesterol and prevent tooth decay.
  4. No preservative, food color, caffeine or fat

Product Standard
A bag is 4g and a box is composed of 30 bags.

Amount of intake
one bag (4g) twice a day

How to intake
Pour a bag (4g) in a cup of cool water (200ml) and stir it until Collagen Vita melts completely. Or pop a bag of Collagen Vita (4g) into the mouth and swallow with water.